The patient testimonials below are from real patients and have not been edited.

"Everyone at Well Being is just awesome - love the staff and doctors - always there with a smile and ready to help. My favorite people Happy Holidays"


"Excellent caring physicians and a pleasant staff. There is never a wait, and the staff returns phone calls before the end of the day. "


"Best of the best..Dr Shiffman and staff provide thoughtful, up to date and respectful patient care. I worked in healthcare for 20 years and have been in hundreds of practices and this is top notch."


"Have confidence in Dr. Shiffman and pleased with the treatment of my hyperthyroid condition. Monitoring twice a year and prescription meds have been very helpful. "


"NOWHERE do you get more personal care. These doctors take TIME to speak with you and answer your questions. They even follow your lead, if you want, in pursuing your healthiest life. If you have emerging hormone- thyroid-adrenal issues, and similar, they WILL listen to you and not say it's "all in your head.""


"The staff are fantastic and Dr Kate is incredibly caring and supportive. She takes her time and is very thorough."


"Love Dr. Shiffman. Her medical advice is right on and personalized for me. "


"Dr. Lemmerman is SO caring and works as a partner with me to pursue my best health. LOVE that"


"Dr. Conrad is an amazing doctor. She is highly intelligent and compassionate, exactly the combination one wants in a doctor. She remains on top of every detail and lets nothing fall through the cracks. I have wonderful energy and live my life as though I do not have autoimmune diseases. As I age, I am only feeling better. Whenever I leave this office, I think about how fortunate I am to have a doctor like her. And the staff is always friendly and helpful."


"Great doctors and support staff. They take their time, they get it right, and it's easy to see that they care."


"Dr Shiffman is friendly and funny. Easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I’ve only seen her a few times and it’s early yet in my treatment plan but I enjoy working with her and feel optimistic because she listens and is thoughtful. "


"The first doctor in U.S. I found that actually listens to their patients. Who doesn't just dismiss the patient's symptoms, "all in your head," and instead tries to problem-solve and WORK WITH the patient. Who treats the patient's symptoms instead of playing a number game. Thank you"


"Dr. Kate Lemmerman is a superb physician and a first class human being. The staff and nurses are polite, friendly and efficient. It is a pleasure to go to my appointments even when I am hurting."


"The folks at Well Being-Being Well are all thoughtful, kind, efficient and thorough in their care. Thank you for a very positive introduction to your care of patients."


"I love the personal service that Well Being-Being Well affords me, both by the nursing staff and the doctors. I feel their genuine concern for my health and wellness and recommend them without reservation."


"I'm so thrilled to have found this practice Dr. Shiffman practices functional medicine and I was looking for a doctor who helps me find root causes for my symptoms and not "band-aids". It's well worth the drive from DC to VA"


"Dr. Shiffman has improved my health tremendously I recommend her highly to anyone looking for personalized medical care. "


"The staff at Well Being is great. They are supportive and kind and go out of their way to help however they can with a complex case. They also make me feel like family whenever I come in. I highly recommend them."


"I have been coming to this practice for years, since it opened. It’s the most important investment in my health when it comes to managing my hypothyroidism."


"I’ve been going to this practice for many years. There is no better practice in the Greater Metropoliran Area than Well Being-Being Well. They are superb doctors, kind and extremely thorough and everyone there could not be more professional. "


"Five stars. I have been seeing Dr. Kate for 17 years now when she saved my life (literally) by treating my hypothyroidism appropriately for the first time in 13 years. Since then I have come to know her as a completely unique doctor. Possibly most important is taking the time to listen to me before jumping to conclusions. She is knowledgeable about diet, supplements, homeopathic, muscular-skeleton, and hormones in ways I have not encountered in most other medical doctors. She treats the whole person. I travel 2 hours each way for appointments with Dr. Kate and it is totally worth it."


"For two years prior to finding Well Being-Being Well, I went to several doctors, all of whom minimized my experience, belittled me, and blamed me for the symptoms I described. Finding Dr Clamp, and now Dr. Shiffman since Dr. Clamp’s retirement changed everything. I was properly diagnosed and treated, always respected and heard. I have recommended WB-BW to others and will continue to do so enthusiastically. I moved away from the DC area seven years ago but continue to go to WB-BW. I will continue doing so as long as I am able. This is the best physician experience I have ever had. I am so grateful. "


"I love how friendly everyone is and also the time that Dr. Kate spends with me. She always answers my questions and I never feel rushed."


"I am so happy to be back in an Integrative Medicine Practice I followed Dr Shiffman here from her former practice which is in very sad shape. Professional, caring, thorough - healthcare does not get better than this."


"i really appreciate the extra time and care that Dr Kate and her staff provide."


"I have been a patient of Well Being Being Well for a number of years. I have enjoyed consulting with Dr. Kate. Every lab and Doctor's appointment commences on time. Dr. Kate and her staff take as much time as necessary with the patients, sometimes providing treatments unforeseen at the beginning of the appointment. They are also very caring. The nurses and other staff know patients by name."


"I am most grateful to Dr Conrad and her wonderful staff for restoring my health and well-being.Well Being Well is an outstanding practice."


"Dr. Kate Lemmerman has been my personal physician for nearly 30 years. She is compassionate, competent, intuitive, open minded, dedicated, up to date on cutting edge ideas for well being. In short, she is everything you could ever want in your partner to maintain your health. "


"The receptionists are very accommodating .... there are never any long waits to see the doctor and the atmosphere is restful . Dr. Shiffman and all of the staff are caring, professional and thorough. My health has improved immeasurably since going to Well Being-Being Well. "


"There's a reason that I have followed Dr. Kate Lemmerman and her crew for over 15 years. The medical care is unparalleledand they treat you with dignity, care, and kindnessand a terrific sense of humor "